Pay-Per Click


Paid advertising is one of the quickest and most controllable methods to promote your business among the targeted customers. This business promotion is required to make you stand ahead of your competitors in the online market. PPC has been classified into two categories:

  • Pay Per Click Search Marketing
  • Display Marketing

PPC Search Marketing is effective when the targeted user types a keyword (single word or a phrase) into the search engine. The relevant advertisements displayed on the top or at the right side of the SERP or Search Engine Result Page is PPC Search Marketing. On the other hand, display marketing includes displaying the PPC text, image, video or animated content for the promotion of your business.

In short, Pay-per- click or PPC is an internet marketing process by which advertisers need to pay for every click whenever their website gets clicked. Primarily, it is a very vital procedure through which advertisers can increase traffic and get the desired results without waiting for long. The traffic comes to your website is paid not organic and can affect your business profit or loss outcome.

PPC allows advertisers to bid for their targeted keywords and the placement of their ad in the search engines sponsored link. Whenever search is made for that particular keyword, your website gets displayed even above to the search results, which further increase its chances to get clicked and ultimately brings you better business opportunities. Search engine advertising is a well-known form of PPC.

PPC's main concerns for advertisers is to provide them more clicks than before; search engines charge a small fee for these clicks. PPC provides you new customers that help your business to rise financially; the fee you are paying for PPC is trivial in front of that hefty profit of your business.

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How Ringtech Solutions works?

If you are worrying about the PPC processes that how you will start and execute this campaign. Then you don't need to worry about anything Ringtech Solutions's PPC experts are here to help you to start and execute your PPC campaign. Transfer your whole burden of requirements to our PPC experts. Since inception, we are continuously satisfying our customers by fulfilling their requirements. This is our responsibility to promote your business towards the right direction by researching to select the appropriate keywords to define your business expertise. Our experts are taking it as an integral part to organize campaigns and ad groups for the optimization of conversions through PPC.

We create their effective and useful keywords for you that will be rewarded by search engines by charging fewer fees for every click. Our ads and landing pages are satisfying customers with the positive and benefitting outcomes. This will be a benefit for your business that search engines keep your sites at the top of the first page by charging you less fee.

We at Ringtech Solutions, follow a systematic approach to offer you the best PPC services that can maximize your ROI and ensure a quick growth of your business. Here is how we work:

  • Collecting your specific requirements
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Creating an effective campaign
  • Setting up your PPC account
  • Creating and installing of Google AdWords as well as AdWords conversion tracking code
  • Choosing the right methods and techniques for bidding management
  • Assessing the daily budget of your campaign
  • AdWords conversion optimizer to automatically adjust your bids to drive your advertising spends towards your money-making keywords

Maybe you just have the idea of developing a more effective and efficient app but don't know the way of execution, then trust us and share your ideas with our experts. With the years of experience and expertise, our software professionals will assist you to convert your idea into the most flourishing apps in the play store.

Our PPC Services:

Ringtech Solutions provides service in the sphere of PPC campaign to profit business offering. These offers can vary from business to business. We make our strategy according to the need of the business. Also, we take benefit from the requirements of our advertisers to decide where and when to put their ads. Here is the list of our services:

  • Keyword searches
  • Generating Adwords
  • SEO and landing page optimization
  • Bid management
  • Ad campaign set up
  • Ad copywriting
  • Placement analysis
  • Google analytics set up and analysis

Benefits of availing our PPC Services:

We take care of your business requirements to make it profitable. Our PPC experts are making efforts to benefit your organization with more business opportunities.

  • PPC provides you fast results:

    PPC opens the door for the fast and easier way to reach the targeted audience. If you have a website then our PPC experts will help you by creating your AdWords account, and set up your brand ad, and start running them at the right time on various search engines, which will bring more traffic to your website.

  • Results are measurable:

    PPC enables you to measure anything related to your PPC campaign. It includes PPC campaign costs, views, visits, clicks, and other information as well.

    There are particular reports and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) that tell you the exact data of profit or loss from this PPC campaign. This information will help our PPC experts to change strategies according to your PPC campaign results.

  • Targeting the potential audience:

    PPC comprises so many various and important factors before deciding where and when to run your Ad. These factors are keywords, location, website, device, time, data and many other factors will help you to decide your ad's destination. Additionally, these factors will clear your right market-place and targeted audience to engross your business.

  • Take benefits of various business opportunities:

    PPC gives you immediate results to get profit, whenever your competitors are offline. Our PPC experts keep sharp eye on your competitors and as they go offline we run your ads on sponsored sites and get their business to your doorstep. We help you to reach and complete clients' requirements that help you to expand your wings in the world of business.

  • Brand Recognition:

    PPC target audience by using those keywords that are constantly used by the people. These general keywords may not profit your organization but provide the brand name recognition among your potential customers.

    Advertiser can decide his own budget, and you can also try this PPC campaign by investing a few pounds and then wait for the outcome to come. PPC campaign provides positive results and benefits your business by various clients' offerings.

Why Ringtech Solutions:

Ringtech Solutions is backed by a team of highly experienced Google AdWords, Bing Ads Search, and DoubleClick Search professionals to create a perfectly structured campaign for your business. Being at the forefront of PPC management, we have a strong relationship with all the popular search engines. Our experts keep a strict vigil on all the latest updates of the search engine before targeting the keywords, ad copy testing, and bid strategies. To make you aware of what's happening with your PPC campaign as well as your business growth in the internet market, we provide you timely reports.

Stats and facts related to Pay-Per- Click:

  • Only Google drives 95% of paid search and clicks on mobile phones.
  • PPC is not affected by algorithm updates
  • Search volumes for PPC is decreased by 88% instead AdWords volume is increased by 36%
  • SEO still get 600% more searches than PPC on Google trends.
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