Social Media Optimization


Social media is an effective open platform to promote a product or service online. Social media's like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more sites offer a platform to endorse the business for both the practitioners and researchers who have just started their business and those who have already developed their brand name in the physical market. This is a powerful approach to reach your prospective customers.

The strong presence of social media platforms clearly portrays the bright future for your company and product as millions of users remain active on these websites. The biggest advantage of maintaining your business presence on these social networking sites is that you can reach and connect with a huge number of customers without putting much effort.

At Ringtech Solutions, we promote your business online by creating and sharing content via web-based networking by keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish the advertising objectives. This online networking promoting incorporates exercises like posting content and picture updates, video recordings, and other contents that drives customers' engagement.

Advantages and benefits of social media optimization:

  • It helps to create brand awareness among targeted customers
  • This increases traffic to your website through various social networking sites.
  • Engage your customers with your brand
  • This promotes to build the base for new customer
  • This method integrates with other SEO and internet marketing campaigns
  • This promotes the brand reputation

Tell Us About Your Project

Social Media Marketing Services by Ringtech Solutions:

To attain your prospective customers' the first step we take to promote your company on social media is to set your business goal and then plan our marketing strategy accordingly. Our social media experts will help you to get proper business from all social networking sites. We need answers to only a few questions while making our SMO strategies to achieve your business targets:/p>

  • What are your hopes for this campaign?
  • Who is your prospective audience?
  • Where would you aim your audience?
  • On which platforms you want to promote your business and service?
  • What is your message that you want to convey through your social media platforms?

Ringtech Solutions Services:

Ringtech Solutions offers the most effective SMO services including the following areas of social media networking sites:

  • Facebook Marketing Services
  • LinkedIn Marketing Services
  • Twitter Marketing Services
  • Google+ Marketing Services
  • YouTube Marketing Services
  • Pinterest Marketing Services
  • Online Reputation Marketing Services

Facebook SMO Services:

Approximately 500 million users are actively using Facebook around the globe. This social media platform is the most effective and fastest route you to connect with your friends, colleagues, family, and acquaintances. These Facebook users can become your savvy customers easily. We at Ringtech Solutions, make efforts to grow your business by sharing information, pictures, stories, notes etc. and these activities on Facebook allow you to stay close to your prospects and customers. We track following steps to make your Facebook SMO service strategy.

  • By creating your business page with an eye catchy cover
  • Help you to boost up to 100+ likes, comments, and shares
  • Face share icon embedded into your website
  • Provides you 20 real industry friends
  • Help you by creating 1 group creation with 10 members

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is one of the best professional social media platforms that not only help you to expand your wings in the business world but also connect you with the pioneers of the industry. This is the best marketing tool to create your brand name. Here are some steps that we follow while making out the strategy to promote your business via our LinkedIn Marketing Services.

  • By creating your profile page with customized logo and cover
  • Design your company page
  • Regular updates of your company's page
  • To add 100 connections to your page
  • Ringtech Solutions provides you 5 recommendations per day to expand your business.

Twitter SMO Services:

This is a microblogging platform where our social media experts market and advertise your brand. We create customized twitter business account, which is appropriate for your website or business design or logo. Then we create the exclusive profile page with the help of provided templates. Personalization of your Twitter account is also done by sending an auto message to all your followers. These are the few Twitter SMO service strategies that we follow to promote your business:

  • Twitter account set-up and configuration
  • Customized branded Twitter account
  • Custom Twitter profile image
  • Custom branded Twitter background
  • Provides you 100 real and significant followers
  • 50 tweets per day

YouTube Marketing Services:

Ringtech Solutions's social media experts advertise your business by making the most informative and entertaining videos about your brand. Our experts will promote it on various platforms, and connect it to your email list by sending out the periodic newsletter. Additionally, we connect it to your social media platforms, company blogs, update online news and, run your video ads on YouTube, and promote your company's press releases. We will help your business to reach high with our YouTube marketing services strategies that are as follows:

  • We set-up your profile, custom logo with a creative cover
  • We show the creation of your business via YouTube channel
  • Connect to your channel Facebook, Twitter, G+ & other social networking sites along with your company website
  • Upload client's video as testimonials to increase authenticity
  • Increase the views on your video

Google Plus Marketing Services:

Google Plus is a wide networking site that enables your business to grow and nurture. This platform helps your business to share prominent information about your business, products, services, and clients. Therefore to make proper use of this expanded platform to give support to your brand or service our social media experts track following steps:

  • By setting up the profile with customized cover
  • By the incorporation of G+ Button into your official website
  • With creating a business G+ page
  • 50 Followers per day
  • 100 +1s for Business Page
  • By creating two circles on business theme

Social Media Activities:

Doesn't matter how big or small your business is, Ringtech Solutions believes social media is the fastest and easiest way of making people aware of your business. And to make this happen, we regularly maintain your social profiles by posting about your latest products, services, contests along with other users-engaging campaigns. Apart from this, our other SMO activities include:

  • Social media profile creation and designing
  • Connecting to the various relevant business groups and circles
  • Regular social media audits
  • To build your audiences by increasing likes, followers, connections, etc.
  • Engaging with the customers by responding to their queries
  • Social posting and sharing on your behalf
  • Tagging and social bookmarking
  • Creating attractive content to promote your product or service
  • Video submissions
  • Creating blogs for your website
  • Social media advertising by the means of regular campaigns, contests and more
  • Providing our clients timely reports so that they can track the progress of their social media campaigns

Why Ringtech Solutions:

At Ringtech Solutions, we have a team of experienced SMO professionals to increase your brand recognition, boost up your brand loyalty, reduce the marketing cost, enhance your brand authority and increase the opportunity to convert the leads into the final sale. These SMO experts use the unique and creative SMO tactics for building up your social presence.

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