HTML5 Mobile Apps Development


HTML5 is a highly interactive web and business language used to develop the mobile application, which is friendly for all operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS, Tizen, etc. These apps are designed and developed for easy accessibility and usability on the Smartphone, tablets and other handheld devices. These apps provide productive and fruitful solutions to all businesses. HTML5 is highly advanced, hi-tech and contain almost all updated functionalities. Ringtech Solutions develops and designs scalable, secure and user-friendly HTML5 apps that complete all desired requirements of its clients. Hence, if you are seeking for the HTML5 app development services then definitely you are at the right place.

Being a highly reputed organization, Ringtech Solutions delivers highly customized plans that are designed and developed as per the client requirement. With the help of deep knowledge and experience in this domain, our experts are creating and presenting the applications in an intuitive & engaging manner.

Why HTML5 mobile app development?

  • HTML5 is compatible with the topmost web search engines such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Tor, and Safari.
  • This has geo-location APIs that can update the current physical location of the user automatically, which makes it easier for websites and other applications as well as for users to display the right content as per the requirement of the user.
  • These HTML5 applications take less time to load as it has a lighter code than the applications developed in other programming languages.
  • These HTML5 applications are also friendly with all the handheld devices operating systems, doesn't matter it is Android, iOS, HP, Blackberry, Windows 7 or Palm.
  • HTML 5 is a highly useful tool to upload video, audio, or any other media files in your site directly without using any third-party software or plug-in.
  • This HTML5 has several options for animated and interactive features.

Ringtech Solutions Services:-

Our expert design and deliver a number of hi-tech HTML5 application for various operating system platforms with the standardized interface as well as functionality.

This HTML5 app development services we offer include:

  • HTML5 website development
  • HTML5 web application development
  • HTML5 mobile app development
  • HTML5 iPad and iPhone app development
  • HTML5 conversion

Advantages of Ringtech Solutions:-

  • Our expert app developers' offer specifically designed and developed HTML5 app that improves the way your business interrelate you with your prospects.
  • Ringtech Solutions is a well- known for the HTML5 app developer, which designs and develops applications for various industries using the latest techniques and tools.
  • We design, develop and deliver customized solutions within the given time-frame to our customers.
  • Our expert creates exceptional mobile applications and websites to meet varied customer requirements as per their projects.
  • These applications are web and mobile-friendly as it has improved interoperability. HTML5 applications are easy to install and maintain.

Ringtech Solutions Core Technologies:-

There are three core technologies that are utilized to create web-based applications:-

  • The Java-based solutions (J2EE) involve technologies such as JSP and Servlets.
  • The newer Microsoft .NET platform uses Active Server Pages, SQL Server, and .NETscripting languages.
  • The third option is the Open Source platform (predominantly PHP and MySQL), which is best suited to smaller websites and lower budget applications.

Tell Us About Your Project

How our HTML5 game development services engage and entertain your customers?

  • Ringtech Solutions is competent of rendering 100% unique and superior quality app services that precisely fit the customer's specific requirements.
  • We develop apps and games with intuitive storylines and wonderful graphics that make them more interesting and interactive.
  • These apps have dynamic features, creativity & high complexities, which ensures100% satisfaction of the customer.
  • The HTML5 apps developed by us are easy to install and secure.

Why Ringtech Solutions?

Vigorous construction:

These HTML5 apps are designed with the solid framework, extreme flexibility, and powerful features. This software is used for building engaging, interactive and user-friendly apps and games.

HTML Compatibility and accessibility:

  • HTML5 is highly compatible due to its great video capabilities and the complete set of excellent features like Web Workers API, Canvas API and more.
  • HTML5 game and app development is gaining immense popularity worldwide as it is user- friendly, interactive and animated to engage customers.

Elite Allocation of Links:

  • HTML5 hyperlinks are quite powerful and can be distributed across the topmost search engines on web internet and various mobile operating systems.
  • This HTML5 game and app development technology provides a flawless platform for mounting artistic games and apps that make uniformity in a variety of gadgets.

Use OF DOM (Document Object Model):

  • Document Object Model is the highly effective representation of the interactive elements within the HTML5.
  • Ringtech Solutions's skilled developers deploy this model along with the available hardware to create fast apps and games.

How Ringtech Solutions Works to Process an HTML5 app for your Business or Brand?

Ringtech Solutions highly skilled and experienced team can deliver simulation apps and games featuring an amazing graphics effects and animation to engage users. It is a Hercules task to plan and develop an app or game to market your business. Our software developers work hard for days to complete these apps and games.

Details we need from the clients' end:

  • Aim and objective of the app that simply means who are your targeted audiences?
  • Vision, mission, and brand of the company
  • Products and services rendered by the owner to get developed in the app.

Stats and Facts of HTML5 App Development Services:

  • 40% of mobile searches are for local and rest for international and other data
  • 61% of people won't visit mobile or web for various sites instead they download the app to shop or play games
  • 68% of companies use mobile apps in their overall marketing strategies and brand advertisement.
  • 83% of B2B marketers think that mobile apps are important for content and brand marketing
  • 83% of mobile users believe that it is very important that they have a flawless experience across all mobile devices.
  • Mobile advertising will account for 72% of all digital ads spending around the globe.
  • People globally spend 89% of their mobile media time in apps, and on 11% on websites.

Iphone-Ipad App Development

Leveraging on our veteran developers, we have become an offshore service provider to complete the indicated requirements of our patrons.


Android App Development

All our Android applications are aesthetically appealing, functionally rich and can run flawlessly across a range of devices.


Cross-Platform App Development

According to a survey, fifty percent of Mobile Apps have used cross-platform development tools to make it accessible across the globe.