E-commerce Development


What is E-commerce Development?

Computer and technology are becoming the backbone of the business nowadays. It has raised the need for electronic media to engross business. E-commerce, one of the basic ways to do business helps to bring traffic to your website to make your brand popular among the consumers. Any kind of small or huge business can adopt e-commerce at any phase of business in the selling procedure.

E-commerce is a perfect route that grants patrons to deal electronically in goods and services with no impediment of period and range of area. Electronic media of commerce is accelerating at fast pace globally to benefit business persons and consumers. Ringtech Solutions is rendering you e- commerce development services at reasonable rates. This process is comparatively cheaper, faster, and more convenient than any other means of trading goods or services.

How E-Commerce Helps to Develop Business:

Ringtech Solutions is providing web solutions for your business that help your business to grow. No company needs state-of- the-art technology to plunge into e-commerce. With an electronic website design one can avail facilities like:

  • Ringtech Solutions is helping you by selling goods to customers.
  • Rendering services directly to consumers.
  • Assemble contact from potential customers.
  • E-commerce not only advertises but also sells goods for your company.
  • Get payments for the assistance you provided and goods delivered.

We are providing e-commerce business development services globally. Our company is rendering you the best services for your website to sell products and services.

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Benefits of E-commerce Development:

Ringtech Solutions develops every feature of e-commerce site to market in diverse domains such as fashion, electronics, medical, etc. We have capable and experienced programmers who have and will tailor customers' website as per their requirements, and if the business requires we can develop new solutions as well. Some benefits of e-commerce are listed below:

  • E-commerce helps you to find products easily.
  • It is an easy process for selling products and rendering services.
  • The process of buying and selling continues constantly without any break.
  • You can find local as well as international brands online easily.
  • Better quality services at low operational cost.
  • No need for companies to set up themselves physically.
  • It is the easiest way to start and manage a company.

E-commerce Development Features:

Our e-commerce website experts work hard to take your business to new heights. Our e- commerce development services include:
  • Appealing theme: No one can buy a product at a single glance so we put our special efforts to make your product more appealing and eye catcher.
  • High-resolution graphic: Our well-experienced team of designers makes banners marvelous, and captivating. This makes your product looks more decent as the original.
  • Easy navigation: Routing navigation process is like putting air to a body. As a body can't move without air, in the same way, no website can work properly without navigation. This step is the most logical and time-consuming section in the process of the development and also, requires proper testing.
  • Payment gateway Integration: This feature enables multiple online payment option to make online transaction hassle-free and moreover to avoid cash dealings.
  • Security Feature: As physical stores keep themselves safe by locks, alarms and CCTV's in the same way online stores safety is ensured by our code addicts. They secure your website through following procedures:
  • Implementing mechanism as firewall
  • Immunizing your website
  • Ever after hacking you will have full access to back up data on your website that works as a panacea at bad times
  • Fully-functional websites: We create fully-customized and responsive website that help customers to shop easily. A fully-functional e-commerce website will help you to build credibility among prospective online patrons.
  • Less Loading Time: E-commerce websites take less than two hundred fifty milliseconds to load. A responsive website makes your business more effective as the number of mobiles phones users are comparatively higher than desktop users.

Platform we Use to Develop E-commerce Websites:

  • Magento Community edition:

    This platform is used for its effective and reliable functionality. It has multiple features to manage stores, choose a variety of language and different currencies. Our developers take the benefit of its new plugins and extensions while developing an e-commerce website.

  • PrestaShop:

    This platform of creating an e-commerce website is very popular due to its ease of usability. PrestaShop is used by our developers in both fully-hosted and self-hosted versions to create a website.

  • OpenCart:

    This platform for creating e-commerce website is exclusively preferred for small business ventures.

  • osCommerce:

    This is the most trusted platform for e-commerce websites. It has a vast support network when things go wrong.

  • ZenCart:

    This platform has the biggest product management system that enables our developers to do almost anything to make your website user-friendly.

  • Spree Commerce:

    This new e-commerce development platform is based on Ruby on Rails. This is a very modular platform and its small learning curve makes this platform easy to configure and upgrade its functionality.

  • WooCommerce (WordPress)

    WooCommerce is seamlessly integrated with WordPress that make its breeze to install and manage the website. This platform has a mobile-friendly feature that makes it easy to access for the customers.

  • Jigoshop (WordPress)

    Jigoshop is another WordPress based program that is gaining steam. Jigoshop has a core- integrated RESTful API that is making the whole software accessible for exterior applications.

  • VirtueMart (Joomla)

    This platform makes your storefront up and running. Customers can view the product details in their native language that help them to shop easily.

Drupal is the most flexible and SEO-friendly platform to create the e-commerce website. Drupal Commerce can only be used with Drupal.

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We have already mentioned our services, methods, techniques, and outcome you will get from us. Now it's the time for you to think and expand your business in the market. We are providing you proper in-depth consultation as per your requirements.

Stats and Facts about E-commerce Development:

  • E-commerce will generate sales of products more than 800$ globally
  • It is analyzed that more than 70% of global population will turn into online buyers.
  • There are more than 68% consumers online in a month
  • The convenience of free delivery, free exchange, and returns are making online shopping options easier to choose.
  • Domestic buyers look beyond their borders when they go online to shop
  • B2B is dominating B2C market

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