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What is a Web Portal?

A web portal is an exclusively designed website that compiles information for you from different sources such as forums, search engines, and emails together in a systematic manner. It is a single point of access for the web information. Portal is also considered as the library of categorized and personalized content. A web portal is highly helpful in searching notification, navigation, information integration, personalization and other features such as collaboration, task manager, application integration and business intelligence.

How Web Portal is Different from Website:

A website is a bunch of data with various pages tagged together, while web portal is explained as a service that provides an extensive collection of resources and services such as forums, emails, search engines and online shopping sites. A Web portal is a coordinated route that helps to set up the approach to information found on the internet.

Types of Web Portals Developed by Ringtech Solutions:

Are you seeking for an integrated approach for managing and distributing information with organizations as well as public? You have come to the right place, yes! We provide every web solution for you. There are different types of portals with various features. Some portals that are developed by us include:

  • B2C Customer Portal:

    To create a long-term relationship with customers B2C is considered as one of the finest platforms. It helps us to build the relationship with the most effective features like navigation, less responsive time, credibility, reliability, and content

    For Example: Amazon.co, play.com, Tesco, etc.

  • B2B Customer Portal:

    The B2B customer portal offers extensive customer self-service. Only this unique feature energizes the customers' satisfaction, centralizes online sales, and proves to be very cost effective. The B2B portals developed and designed by us helps you to take a break from support centers.

    For Example: Alibaba.com, MSC Industries

  • Partner Portal:

    The partner portal is a very reliable and effective platform to entrust partners, increase sales, and to attain competitive advantages. Although 80% of the partner portals end up unpopular with the channel partners. But don't worry we know the value of your time and money, so we develop out-of- the-box partners portal that helps your portal in engaging users.

    For Example: Extreme Networks, Henkel Electronics, LIFERAY, IBM, etc.

  • Vendor Portal:

    Vendor portal allows you to communicate and deal with vendors collaboratively. This platform encourages self-service that reduces your vendor management load operating costs. You can access vendor details easily without any hassle as well as it saves time, effort and money of company and vendors. Moreover, the portal service we provide will assist the progress of interactions with the suppliers that help to make business more transparent and smooth.

    Some of the important aspects that we focus on are scalability, adaptability, increased communications, and better services for vendors, etc.

    For Example: Global Sources, eWorldTrade, EC Plaza, TradeKey, etc.

  • Community Portals:

    We develop gateway in the world of internet for your company. Community portals developed by us encourage collaboration and build relationships between clients and companies. This will also provide fuel for your experience and help you to exchange ideas with other communities. It includes user- friendly interface and strong capabilities comprising chats, blogs, and media file support, forums, events, and more.

    For Example: Community Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, etc.

  • Learning Portal:

    Ringtech Solutions develops Learning Portal to provide proper assistance to training providers and customers. Learning Portal is developed to benefit businesses and individual learners. Our developers create portals that provide the right and true learning experience. This is designed and developed by our capable developers who are utilizing the knowledge of various extensive functionalities that are packed in a responsive design.

    For Example: Brainers, absorb, docebo, INTREPID Learning, etc.

  • Custom Portal:

    Our developers use transfer box that is an important feature of the Custom Portal. This box helps to engage customers without any distraction, which ultimately makes the webpage highly responsive.

    For Example: JageGlobal, Liventus, Zoho, Kumina, etc.

  • Real Estate Portal:

    We develop these Real-estate portals by involving various attractive features to the portal that help visitors to meet their specific requirements. Our potential developers comprise features such as listing agents, agencies, their ratings, agents' dashboard, agency microsite, and subscription.

    For Example: RightMove, Trulia, REALESTATE, VIVAREAL, etc.

  • Government Portal:

    In the Government Portal, our developers provide some unique features like live help and notification services that help the seeker to get the assistance as soon as possible. These portals are highly efficient, transparent, secure and safe to use.

    For Example: huddle, Challenge.gov, DATA.GOV, Federal Trade Commission, etc.

  • News Portal:

    The News Portals developed by the Ringtech Solutions are highly responsive and user-friendly. These web portals are easy to access around the globe. People can use the power of democracy by commenting and suggesting their ideas for the news displayed online.

    For Example: nayt, SupremeMaster TV, Premier Christian Radio, The bigproject.co, The Telegraph, etc.

  • Entertainment Portal:

    Our developers utilize advanced technology to create these portals. Some distinguish features that our developers include while creating these portals are downloadable audio and video clips, dynamic admin panel, integration of payment gateway, and automatic video rentals.

    For Example: D&B Hoovers, eonline, Gov.UK, Entertainment weekly, etc.

  • Dating Portal:

    Our developers plan these portals with the highly modern technique that make them user-friendly and easy to access. It includes features like membership deals, searching options, and also, provide you the competency to select your friends and block lists.

    For Example: DTinder, happn, Bumble, Match, etc.

Our Services:

Ringtech Solutionss is providing both the provision of certain services and full-cycle web portal development that helps to try for technical perfection at every phase of development procedure.

  • Portal Website Design:We design the most innovative, responsive, and user-friendly portal that is accessible and easy to browse from mobile phones.
  • Web Portal Development: Our developers take care of every step while developing portals. We also look after of end-to- end solution from detailing to implementation.
  • Mobile App Development: We also pay proper attention to the features of the mobile app to make it modern and effective.
  • Migration: Our developers create the web portal that would fit all your arising needs and continuously acquire data from the legacy system. It includes content, interface, metadata, and users.
  • Maintenance and Support: Our developers understand your requirements so they provide you scaling and high-load optimization. We also provide you the feature to update portal regularly to improve functionality.
  • Security: Updates to validate existing security measures, detect, security audit, penetration testing and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Tell Us About Your Project

Features We Provide in a Web Portal:

We provide some of the exceptional and exclusive features in the Web Portals that make them easy to configure and adaptable. Some prominent features Ringtech Solutions provide in the Web Portals:

  • User-friendly:

    Our web portals are highly responsive and their adoptive designs provide them unified appearance. These portals have feedback forms, calculators and personal cabinets that make them more interactive. Furthermore, the Navigation helps to locate a number of features without any hassle. We also provide API with mobile applications. These portals are developed by us have well-structured information, architecture and strong search functionality.

  • Reliability:

    High-performance of these web portals ensures that the users can approach the content and tools easily and quickly. We also provide scalability to handle the increased number of users and data. Our developers embed various measures to help you protect your confidential data from unauthorized access, fraud, and other online threats.

  • Easy Content Management:

    Our developers provide back–up for the non-technical team to upload and update content easily in regular breaks. We make sure that we provide access to all kinds of content to your portal like the searchable product, service catalog, real-time pricing and inventory viewing, multimedia galleries, e- cabinets, blogs, and so on.

  • Integration:

    Our capable developers provide automated integration with other business systems like CRM, e- commerce solutions, ERP, HRM, and many more. Moreover, we render the service of API development to ensure tight integration with the customers, vendors, and ERP systems.

Technologies We Utilizes to Develop Web Portals:

Ringtech Solutions utilizes the most innovative and suitable technologies to develop your portals that ensure maximum personalization and usability of the portal. We have an adequate experienced team of developers to offer the best services:

  • From-Scratch Development on.NET, PHP, or Java
  • CMS-based solutions on Pimcore, Drupal, WordPress.

We acknowledge the changeable nature of the market so that we can provide the access to make changes on your portal without inflicting the performance of your portal. We always try to benefit the customers business with impressive and effective image online.

Platform we Use to Develop E-commerce Websites:

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, etc.
  • Back-end: PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js
  • CMSs: Pimcore, Drupal, WordPress, SharePoint

Ringtech Solutions Industry Expertise:

Our Web Portal Development expertise help to progress multiple industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Banking and financial services
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Professional services
  • Energy
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Public Sector
  • Transportation and Logistics

Contact us:

We have stated our services, methods, techniques, and outcome you will get from the Web Portal we design. Now it's the time for you to think and expand your business online. We are providing you proper in-depth consultation as per your requirements.

Stats and Facts about Web Portal Development:

  • Customized web portals at reasonable rates
  • 44% people leave the web page if they don't find any contact details there
  • 78% of people are using internet on their mobile phones
  • 40% of people search B2B portals and other portals on mobile phone only
  • 47% people check out products and services before seeking any other information on a web page
  • 52% people visit about us page while browsing a web page

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